1. Nedu Igwe

    Nedu Igwe

    24 giorni fa

    God bless you plenty sir πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  2. Amanda Chambers, WPICC

    Amanda Chambers, WPICC

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  3. Olalekan Kareem

    Olalekan Kareem

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    You started the protest well but ended it with ignorance. You never knew 95percent of those you are calling out are insane.

  4. Chinedu Nnodi

    Chinedu Nnodi

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    Some fools will still dislike d video

  5. Moses Austin

    Moses Austin

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    This is funnyπŸ˜‚. I love Mr Macaroni protesting this. #Endsars Link here is protest Angry instrumental music beat in England protest today

  7. ayomind videos

    ayomind videos

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    Lol, you are doing well

  8. Esiri


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    Beautifully done πŸ’πŸ‘πŸΎ

  9. Olisa Nweze

    Olisa Nweze

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    Let them hear our voice

  10. Olisa Nweze

    Olisa Nweze

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    Leta not give up ohh

  11. Chiamaka Chukwuemeka

    Chiamaka Chukwuemeka

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    You are doing well

  12. Joshua Akinwale

    Joshua Akinwale

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    My face transitioned from smiling to a stern observing look.

  13. Kenneth and Joyce

    Kenneth and Joyce

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    So sad until it effect them that’s when they will endsars 😒

  14. Hammed Ameen

    Hammed Ameen

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    What you don't realise is that you and others lending their voice to #endsars have etched your names in history. When the main revolution for change in bad governance come you all will be remembered as those who laid the foundation for a prosperous Nigeria and not those useless idiot's who build house, buy cars and other junks from our collective national wealth. BTW lick some tomtom o father figure your voice is gone in this video from speaking to power on the streets.

  15. Keypoint Comedy

    Keypoint Comedy

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    Nice one Mr Macaroni I really love this wan keep up the good work

  16. Tumininu Adetayo

    Tumininu Adetayo

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    Mr Macaroni, wherever you are, God bless you!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Chi Prestige

    Chi Prestige

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    Lord have mercy

  18. juliet chikezie

    juliet chikezie

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    So emotional

  19. NsiYCkan Esu

    NsiYCkan Esu

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  20. amuno paul

    amuno paul

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    Anybody wen don dey fresh like this na criminal.. Lol,,,...SARS never na suffer head people suppose stay naija abi?na agbero SARS be..end them jor

  21. Brou Seth betsaleel samuel

    Brou Seth betsaleel samuel

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    These slaps πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  22. special diamond

    special diamond

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    I use this medium to appreciate Mr macaroni for his unending love and protest, same goes to all celebrity that took time out of their busy schedule. We all youth appreciate. We also pray for positive results at the end and should be on time. Cos Nigerians are suffering outside the country.

  23. Jay Ikwan

    Jay Ikwan

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    Excellent artistic interpretation. This is why I appreciate Mr Macaroni The day we are silent because we are afraid to die is the day we actually die ! Aisha Yesufu WE MUST END SARS πŸ‘‰πŸ½

  24. Izuchukwu Iroha

    Izuchukwu Iroha

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    I just subscribed because of your Total and unparalleled courage and fearlessness.God bless,enrich and empower you for all you have done and you are doing.

  25. Sd Sver

    Sd Sver

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    34 SARS officers down vote.

  26. Keveen


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    sọrọsoke sọrọ larọwọto ✊🏾 πŸ’šπŸ€πŸ’š #endpolicebrutality

  27. Steven Blavo

    Steven Blavo

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    Solidarity from Ghana #ENDSARS βœŠπŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

  28. The Tube Gh

    The Tube Gh

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    Good Content #EndSars

  29. Glo Com

    Glo Com

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    Great job Macaroni. Oooooin

  30. Stephen Akindoyin

    Stephen Akindoyin

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    In all the videos on my list and this beautiful life story video was the mistaking chosen one. Love it.

  31. Kayode Olowu

    Kayode Olowu

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    A very nice one

  32. Sotonye Inyang

    Sotonye Inyang

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  33. Mercy Kalu vlog

    Mercy Kalu vlog

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    Good ! I wish dem high people go dey feel am

  34. Enoch Olamiloke

    Enoch Olamiloke

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    Let us have one voice not until they kill one of our family member ###END POLICE BRUTALITY##

  35. Emmanuel Adesanya

    Emmanuel Adesanya

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    Yes those pastor no go talk now ooo, after they go day see one vision say one person become president

  36. Blessing Clarkson

    Blessing Clarkson

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    Make una gbagbe, na buhari dislike this video. Yeye man #EndSWAT

  37. Daniel ifeanyi Oshevire

    Daniel ifeanyi Oshevire

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    Beautiful... Just beautiful

  38. Christian Divinefavour

    Christian Divinefavour

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    #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndSarsNow #EndSarsNow #EndSarsNow #EndSarsNow #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND #SarsMustGo

  39. StigToon


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    Love from #stigtoon

  40. Johnson Chinekezi

    Johnson Chinekezi

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    God bless you for this Message of wisdom #Endsars

  41. Chimezie Davies-Ekeke

    Chimezie Davies-Ekeke

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    Powerful message.



    Mese fa Pls like my Facebook page

  43. Oluyemi Popoola

    Oluyemi Popoola

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    This summaries it all. #reformpolice

  44. Kenneth Mfon

    Kenneth Mfon

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    Apt, very apt Bro. God bless.

  45. Elizabeth Amaefule

    Elizabeth Amaefule

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    I fell off my chair when he slapped the police officers

  46. Leonard Kipkering

    Leonard Kipkering

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    Mr Macaroni.. You're doing well. This is creating social awareness with the responsibility of publicly recognizable member of society

  47. Blazin Glory

    Blazin Glory

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    #endsars #endsarsnow #endpolicebrutality

  48. Kolajo Kosehunti

    Kolajo Kosehunti

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    Thank you Mr macaroni #endsars

  49. Fay Fure

    Fay Fure

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    Thank you for this Subscribed and sharing immediately

  50. Paul Nkwenti

    Paul Nkwenti

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  51. Koko 9ja mama

    Koko 9ja mama

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    God bless you Mr macaroni.... You will live long

  52. Olaide Favour

    Olaide Favour

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    This man is gifted. More strength to your elbow

  53. Abass Gareth

    Abass Gareth

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    So emotional Wow

  54. kery gnyangui

    kery gnyangui

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    We support you from Gabon #endsars

  55. Buraimo Timileyin

    Buraimo Timileyin

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    God go punish all the people wey dislike this video.Their papa #EndSars

  56. Nosa Bourdy

    Nosa Bourdy

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    Debo Macaroni! I love you!!!!

  57. Yemi D

    Yemi D

    Mese fa

    You say " I am allowed to do anything "- but not everything is good for you. And even though "I am allowed to do anything, I must not become a slave to anything " 1 corinthians 6:12 Do not be a slave to sin. Surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

  58. Iorember Titus

    Iorember Titus

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  59. Davidson Emeka Umeh

    Davidson Emeka Umeh

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    Very loud message you've put across. Bless you Bro!

  60. Ademuyiwa Alimat

    Ademuyiwa Alimat

    Mese fa

    @Rotimisalami actually played his role well. Tnks @mrmacaromi for this message. #endsars

  61. Deborah Freeman

    Deborah Freeman

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    If u don't love this guy,,,,, u are a witch...... #ENDSARS



    Mese fa

    "are you suffering from SARS?" πŸ˜‚ SARS COV 3🀣you're doing well

  63. Don Heritage

    Don Heritage

    Mese fa

    This is exactly what the SARS are doing

  64. Charles David

    Charles David

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    Concept really passed the message

  65. OluD 'lewa

    OluD 'lewa

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    I don't see a comedy in this. I see a very strong message being passed across...a very strong message that touched me because he pointed sth very germane...the religious leaders are silent on this. I'm yet to hear anyone speak against SARS. I will enjoin them to lend their voice to this as they also do to political issues or politics.

  66. Dill Johnson

    Dill Johnson

    Mese fa

    I'm a LIBERIAN but this is true ....... #endsars now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Sara Pamela

    Sara Pamela

    Mese fa

    0:46 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  68. Kjungle - Background Music

    Kjungle - Background Music

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    This is not far from what happens in my country.. I have watched a lot of comedies but this particular one has touched my heart.. it depicts what happens daily on the African soil.. Like late Lucky Dube said β€œYOU HEAR ABOUT IT IN THE NEWS AND YOU DONT BELIEVE IT...UNTIL IT KNOCKS ON UR DOOR”... End all kind of brutality..This is one of you best Mr. Macaroni .. Keep it πŸ†™ πŸ’—

  69. Kennan Dadem 2026

    Kennan Dadem 2026

    Mese fa


  70. Sammy's Comedian

    Sammy's Comedian

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    I came late

  71. Okeke Dominic

    Okeke Dominic

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    I'm surprised that some people disliked this video.

  72. portia Oghenegare Gometi

    portia Oghenegare Gometi

    Mese fa

    Let this just happen to them irl

  73. Babalola Babatunde

    Babalola Babatunde

    Mese fa

    Good point... The big men are not talking, our governors and senators are not talking

  74. lovelyn zarah

    lovelyn zarah

    Mese fa

    Nice concept

  75. Adeyemi Ifeoluwa

    Adeyemi Ifeoluwa

    Mese fa

    That slap tho🀣🀣🀣..the message is touching

  76. Sammy's Comedian

    Sammy's Comedian

    Mese fa


  77. Okikiola Shopeju

    Okikiola Shopeju

    Mese fa

    McMacaroni I’m proud of you.

  78. Chris Victor Ikom

    Chris Victor Ikom

    Mese fa

    TOOOOOOOOOOHHHH Congratulations to Mr. Macaroni, First video ever No freeki Freeki!

  79. Okolo Gabriel

    Okolo Gabriel

    Mese fa

    iPhone no be gun. #EndSarsNow

  80. Sia Karku

    Sia Karku

    Mese fa

    He is talented Our lives matters Job well done Mr Macaroni

  81. Christopher Okoh

    Christopher Okoh

    Mese fa

    Sir now they have disbanded Sars I pray that through this criminality will not be on the rise

  82. Wright Andrea

    Wright Andrea

    Mese fa

    Even in Africa...

  83. Olashile Durosinmi

    Olashile Durosinmi

    Mese fa

    Thanks for the skit. I hope this world will be a better without police brutality everywhere. #End SARS

  84. Helen Mehari

    Helen Mehari

    Mese fa

    I pray for Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, mr macaroni ur using ur platform to bring awareness and to bring change. God bless you and stay safe. Love from Eritrea πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡·

  85. Yahuahis1


    Mese fa


  86. John Mercy

    John Mercy

    Mese fa

    You are currently my BEST comedian

  87. Homeschool Family Fun

    Homeschool Family Fun

    Mese fa

    As a pastor, I spoke against Sars Brutality and also police reform in this country. I have been stopped by Sars because I don't dress pastoral enough.

  88. moyinoluwa idowu

    moyinoluwa idowu

    Mese fa

    My love for you has just increase to 1000% you're the real voice and I respect you

  89. Khris Steven

    Khris Steven

    Mese fa

    Man you just earned a die-hard fan. God bless you!

  90. Grace ior

    Grace ior

    Mese fa

    #Endsars Now

  91. nelva rita

    nelva rita

    Mese fa


  92. Oladimeji Adebayo

    Oladimeji Adebayo

    Mese fa

    Thank u Mr Macaroni....U r sighted..

  93. Blaze Jay

    Blaze Jay

    Mese fa

    Mr. Macaroni, God bless you, dats all

  94. Tolulola Femi-Awokoya

    Tolulola Femi-Awokoya

    Mese fa

    God bless your humble heart ❀ πŸ™

  95. Prim Amabilis

    Prim Amabilis

    Mese fa

    I overstan over and over again. The message is loud and clear.



    Mese fa

    Thank you sir for this

  97. Patrick Alfred

    Patrick Alfred

    Mese fa

    Am short of words, the end made me so emotional..

  98. odunayo osekita

    odunayo osekita

    Mese fa

    This is my best video from you so far! Keep up the good work!

  99. Becky Williams

    Becky Williams

    Mese fa

    @Mr Macaroni... I've never commented on your skits before but now I'm commenting with πŸ˜‚ tears....A comedy too real....kudos to all my fellow Nigerians Who came out for the protest..#endsars #imHappythatSARShavebeendisbanded

  100. The truth one love

    The truth one love

    Mese fa

    Tears coming out 😭😭😭 #EndSARS

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